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We here at Smith Fork Ranch are very excited to announce the arrival of our latest team members – two lovely Percheron-Paint cross geldings – and they are in desperate need of names!  To meet this challenge we are requesting your help:  send us your team name idea (i.e. Chance and Charlie, Scotch and Soda, etc.) and the winner will receive a special prize!

Get creative!  Only two rules apply: the names can not rhyme with “whoa” – so Moe, Joe, etc. are out – and they can not be names we’ve used in the past:

>Chance and Charlie
> Scotch and Soda
> Prince and Earl
> Duke and Dutchess
> Skip and Lou
> Blue and Bell
> Minnie and Pearl
> Dixie and Yankee
> Curly and Moe

Post your name ideas on our facebook biz page  and/or email to ciara@smithforkranch.com

Act fast, the winner will be chosen within weeks!  Good luck and Giddy Up!!!

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