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The furnaces have a constant roar, like demons trapped in a box, and the dry, crisp Colorado air mingles with a heat like you’ve never felt before that whispers by your body at over 2000 degrees farenheit.

Where are you? A glass blowing studio of course.

The gallery at North Rim Glass

North Rim Glass Studio in Crawford

Rolling down the hill past the ‘Desperado’ (our local liquor shop, gas station, and hardware store) as you come into our quaint Western town (Crawford) from Gunnison and the vast canyon to the south, it’s hard to miss the modern corrugated iron structure to the right before you round the curve up the hill.  That hard to miss spot is North Rim Glass.  North Rim is a glass blowing studio and art gallery that has some of the most incredible work one will find not only on the Western Slope of Colorado but arguably in the U.S.  And, in addition to enjoying perusing the wonderful collection of works by Jared and Nicole in the gallery, guests of Smith Fork Ranch can partake in this incredible art form with a class!

Blowing glass is a multi step process, like a dance with fire on a stick and a ferocious white heat, every move affects the end product and every step is critical.  But, never fear, you can almost always heat it up again and fix that little mistake!

The Studio

In this series of steps it begins with the experts dipping the wand into the molten hot liquid glass as you stand beside them, it immediately goes into another hot oven that brings the temperature down but only so much to maintain its pliability.  After that, and I’m quite sure I’m missing some steps here, the color is applied to the hot glass in the form of a sand – where it is rolled onto the wand.  And then it’s back into an oven.  All the while gently rolling the wand around to maintain its shape.  After several more steps including namely blowing air into the glass to create the form, and cupping it with a cold, wet wooden scoop spoon to shape it, the piece begins to come to life.  But, still a bit of a mystery as it goes into the final oven to finish and a day or so later – voila!  The glass vase, ornament, bowl, or whatever was created is complete.  Your class includes step by step on hand instruction, and you can take your work of art home with you!

Do not stare directly into the light!

The process is incredible – the variables of time and temperature in harmony with the chemical make up of glass – it truly is a wondrous thing to experience.  And Jared and Nicole are terrific teachers.  They are incredibly attentive to the safety and comfort of their student as well as sharing their stories of glass blowing adventures around the world. Which you can read more about HERE.

North Rim Glass showcases their works throughout the country throughout the year.  Including their upcoming attendance at one of the largest fairs this winter in New York City, to show off their spectacular custom pieces including phenomenal light fixtures.  They will also be hosting a reception and showing the Friday after Thanksgiving, as well as at our very own Holiday Bazaar at SFR on Saturday December 11th.  The Bazaar will have a wide variety of local artists, craftsmen, vintners, and food vendors on hand, making it easy for you to pick up those custom Holiday gifts all in one spot.  And North Rim Glass will have a variety of unique gift items for that special someone on your list – handmade and not to be found anywhere else!


A student shaping the glass with Nicole and Jared

The ability to mold and manipulate glass in so many different colors and forms is tremendous – and with the talents of Jared and Nicole Davis your imagination is truly the only limitation.  S0 call up North Rim Glass for your next custom project and be sure to book a class on your next visit to Smith Fork Ranch, for an experience like no other!

A finished piece by the artists: The Flat Fission Vase in Transparent Turquoise - stunning!

Their famous glass antler chandelier

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